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This is a simple, but powerful, web-based "point of sale" system. Familiar web forms make it easy to create price quotes and enter new orders. An intuitive back end administration menu allows managers to update inventory, edit orders, and generate sales/profit reports. Here are a few reasons to try ccPOS today...

Scalability: ccPOS will allow an unlimited number of sales or administrative terminals to connect to the server. All terminals connect to a centralized server via a standard web browser. ccPOS has been tested to be fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Consistency: All terminals will reflect the latest price, inventory, and sales information. When an administrator updates the inventory or prices on a specific item, all sales terminals will be updated in real time. Backups and hardware upgrades are performed at the server level.

Accessibility: This is the ideal software solution for small shop owners with stores across multiple locations. All sales and administrative terminals can access the entire system from any location. The physical location of the terminals can span across continents without affecting the system. Managers can access inventory and sales reports in real time from home, on the road, or any location with internet access.

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